Looking for a new orthodontist in Washington, DC? Dr. Amanda Romsa uses her advanced training and a keen eye for details to make sure you achieve more predictable results. She genuinely cares about your smile and works with you to identify the ideal treatment option. Aligning your smile is her art form, so she enjoys doing it day-in and day-out.

Your smile is our concern, and we’ll help you every step of the way. Here are three ways you can save money and get started with treatment at District Orthodontics.

New Patient Specials

New Patients Specials


*We make it easy to protect your new beautiful smile with ‘Free Replacement Retainers For Life’ where you’ll never spend another dime on lost retainers! If you lose or break your retainer, your lifetime guarantee means that we will replace them at no charge! This offer is valid as long as a new set of retainers can be created with the same 3D printed models you receive when you complete your orthodontic treatment.

Are you ready to get started at District Orthodontics? Contact us today. 

*This offer has ended.