INBRACE® Lingual Braces

The most advanced orthodontic technology available today

INBRACE® is a completely invisible braces system that is applied to the lingual or tongue-side of your teeth.

With ultra low-profile brackets, INBRACE® offers a comfortable and aesthetic way to straighten your smile with the added benefit of being able to brush and floss normally every day.
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How Does It Work

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The one-of-a-kind memory wire is made of material called nitinol and exerts a light, continuous force using GentleForce technology. Featuring an interdental loop design, INBRACE® Smartwires are customized to your unique orthodontic needs using the most advanced computer modeling.

As a frictionless system, you will experience hardly any discomfort and you will get results faster!

Best Candidates

Image of a couple playing and hugging outdoors with daughter

The best candidates for INBRACE® lingual braces are patients with mild to moderately severe crowding issues and malocclusion. It is perfect for patients that want a truly invisible orthodontic experience.

Throughout treatment, only three sets of wires are required to move your teeth into the optimal position and the Smartwires are pre-formed for each individual case guaranteeing less chair-time for patients.

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